It has been a month since GDPR came into force, but that doesn’t mean we can forget all about GDPR and relax. GDPR is an ongoing event so don’t follow some of the recent World Cup examples and score an own goal! It’s more important than ever to be GDPR compliant, so to make sure you have all your team heading for the same goalposts, we’ve got a few updates and tips regarding GDPR.

GDPR is not a one-off event

We worked continuously in the lead up to 25 May 2018 to ensure all our websites, policies and practices are in line with the new regulations. But as confident as we are that we’ve got it right, we also acknowledge that ongoing compliance requires that all policies, training and procedures are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.
We’re keeping a close eye on the UK regulator, the ICO, who are also continually updating their guidance and refining their approach. How the ICO interprets GDPR remains to be seen.
We work closely with industry experts and regulatory authorities such as the ICO, auditors and the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) to ensure we get a clear, wider-world view of GDPR compliance.
So, over the next few months, we’ll be keeping abreast of any changes concerning the outcomes of the great work carried out by the EDPB (European Data Protection Board, previously the Article 29 Working Party) whom are expected to issue new guidance and interpretation soon.

How can my business maximise the opportunity GDPR offers?

Now that GDPR is in effect, businesses can start thinking about how they can optimise, maximise and take on GDPR as a great opportunity. Here are some tips to help you make sure your business is making the most of that opportunity:

Stay ahead of the GDPR curve!

One of GDPR’s key principles applicable for Performance Marketers is consent.

As a result of this newly refined consent, you have the opportunity to harness a fine-tuned database of highly relevant leads and customers that genuinely want to hear from you, rather than information that stalls your marketing efforts such as lost leads or unengaged contact information.

You can then use this information to experiment with niche marketing by tailoring your message to the specific needs and habits of a clearly defined audience that has a known interest in your brand. By adapting to a granular marketing approach, you will see higher click-through, conversion rates and social sharing, as well as an increase your marketing ROI as budgets and efforts are spent more effectively.

Make sure all your suppliers are compliant

A recent audit conducted by W8Data found that only 25% of existing customer data meets GDPR requirements. Which means, potentially the existing customer data you have or might be purchasing may not meet the requirements. And, as it is your responsibility to ensure that your data sources are compliant, it’s your company that could be left with a hefty fine!

But, don’t worry – if you have been working with us then you can rest easy as all data we supply is GDPR compliant. And if you haven’t been working with us then here is why you should!

We’re here to provide you with premium, high quality leads and this is only possible by ensuring all suppliers we work with are GDPR compliant across the entire value chain. So, we ONLY work with companies who take compliance with GDPR as seriously as we do which gives you the confidence to KNOW your campaigns are compliant.

Use Co-Registration campaigns:

Under GDPR first party data has become harder to collect, co-registration offers your brand a great opportunity to collect data compliantly and in large volumes. With co-registration campaigns you can be sure of the following;

    1. Fully opted in leads: Co-Registration gives your organisation a fully opted in lead to contact for all your marketing needs.
    2. Fully transparent and reduced risk: Working directly with trusted customer acquisition websites gives your organisation full transparency on where, and more importantly, how a record was generated. This in turn reduces your risk of non-compliance with GDPR.
    3. Less reliant on third-party data: Under GDPR, around 75% of the data your organisation is currently buying will no longer be compliant, but with co-registration campaigns you can still get high quality, GDPR compliant data.
    4. Quality over quantity: With co-registration, you’re named as a trusted company on our data capture forms and policies, so the data subject is fully informed and you get the channel opt in you want. You’ll also get a better quality lead, reducing your call time and increasing conversions.

Work with us!

By working with Marketing Punch (a subsidiary of Impelus)  you are guaranteed:

  1. 100% Transparency: We are site owners, so your organisation will always have complete transparency and know exactly how and where your leads are generated.
  2. Volume: As third-party data availability will reduce drastically with the implementation of GDPR, so volume will be key to keeping your marketing funnel working. Our suite of sites is generating over 150,000 new users per month and 3 million site visits, allowing us to produce over 500,000 leads per month for our clients.
  3. Fully compliant data: As one of the only companies who became GDPR compliant prior to 25th May 2018, we take compliance with GDPR seriously! We’re able to offer you GDPR compliant data to work alongside your co-registration campaign.

Working successful with GDPR: For more information on how we can bring new customers to your door, email our General Manager, Adam.