Hearing loss can happen to anyone. It is literally the third most common health problem in the world. You might think hearing loss is easy to identify but it’s not always so.

For most people diagnosed with a hearing impairment, it would not have occurred overnight, it generally occurs slowly and gradually. While hearing loss can be caused due to genetic factors, as well as infections, there are minor tweaks that you can make to your lifestyle to improve the quality of your health that can also positively impact your hearing. Premature listening disorder in many cases can be controlled to some extent.

So how can lifestyle affect our hearing? One way is when it is sedentary, a lifestyle of much sitting and little exercise.  This can eventually lead to obesity and result in diabetes.

Diabetes can relate to hearing damage due to poor blood circulation which can occur as a result of diabetes. Ways to encourage prevention include those recommended for general good health being healthy diet and good eating habits, (certain food items like bananas, salmon and broccoli are considered good for promoting hearing health), and also having regular exercise high on our list of priorities.

Excessive noise continues to be one of the leading causes of hearing loss (research has found that sitting close to loudspeakers blasting music out at 120 decibels can lead to hearing loss in less than 8 minutes!).

The Oscar-winning talented actress Whoopi Goldberg admitted to having hearing loss issues. She attributed this to the loud music she listened to during her early years, something that many of us tend to do. Over time, she damaged her hearing and ultimately was unable to hear low tones and sounds. Eventually she chose the solution that improved her quality of life and hearing and that was to get hearing aids.

So, what signs and symptoms can you look out for to determine whether you or your loved one(s) are being affected with hearing impairment issues.

  1. When attending a meeting or a friendly catch up, during conversation do you ask people to often repeat what they said?
  2. All the technical glitches aside, do you have difficulty hearing on the phone or video chats?
  3. Do your family members complain about the volume of the TV when the volume seems normal to you?
  4. Do you face difficulty hearing someone in close proximity to you when there is lots of background noise (eg. in a busy restaurant, cafe or food court, on a city street or in a train station)?
  5. Do you have trouble understanding the dialogue of a movie or TV show?
  6. Do you feel exhausted after social events, because you’ve had to constantly stress your brain trying to focus on conversations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions a hearing test can be an important step to better hearing. Click here to book a hearing test with us today, we proudly work with only top rated hearing clinics and we’ll quickly arrange a hearing test with one close to you.