Most of us want to see an increase in lead generation as part of our marketing and sales funnel but how do we make sure the leads we generate are high quality?

It can be easy to generate leads online, but more often than not sales teams want to bash the phone when they realise most of these leads the marketing team have generated are outside of their target business group and have no budgets to spend.

Whilst it’s very easy for marketers to generate email newsletter subscribers by placing sign up forms and building optimised funnels on websites – how many a) stay as subscribers and b) are prospective customers that the sales team can actually convert?

It’s this disconnect between sales and marketing that is sometimes referred to as being like chalk and cheese even though both teams have the same end goal! We see businesses facing this challenge every day with marketing teams generating leads using digital techniques, yet the key question rarely asked is “are these leads high quality?”

What is a Quality Lead?

The first issue you have is this – if you asked sales and marketing what is a quality lead – would you receive the same or two different answers? If it’s the former, great – you can skip on. If it’s the latter, you need to nail this before we discuss how to deliver better quality leads.

A quality lead will be determined predominately by assessing:

  • What budget do they have to spend?
  • Will their age, sex, geographic location and occupation make a difference to their spending potential?
  • Do they have capacity to become a high-value customer?
  • How much will it cost to acquire them as a customer?

The last two points are very closely intertwined, so make sure you take a close look at the channels you use to reach prospective customers and only use the most effective for your objectives. This ensures you are only spending your marketing dollars on targeting potential high-value customers and that the amount you are spending on acquiring them is realistic within your budget.

If you can align your sales and marketing teams on this page, then you can start to define how you go about targeting these high-value leads.

At Impelus, we define a qualified lead as a potential customer who has shown intent to purchase by directly searching for OR completing and submitting a lead form for your product or service via one of our custom landing pages, eDMs or social lead ads.

Where do you find Leads?

The key mantra of marketing is to position your product where your target audience congregates. Once you’re in this space, you need to deliver content and messaging which solves problems, presents solutions or offers the financial opportunity for growth (be that personal or business).

The digital age presents opportunities for brands to develop deep customer relationships through demand generation. Marketers can create a buzz via interactive and interesting content, such as video, lead forms, webinars, infographics, eBooks, case studies including  qualified research and insight articles.

The key purpose is to position the benefits of your product or service, or perhaps offer advice that positions your brand as an authoritative voice. But, marketers also need to be savvy, creative and test campaign tactics to stand out from the crowd in a busy marketplace to drive inbound web traffic.

Pre-qualifying Questions

Now you’re running your campaigns, we still have the issue of capturing the right leads into your sales funnel.

How do you know which prospect coming to your site is a potential high-quality lead? Qualifying questions can make a vast  difference and allow you to score leads appropriately.

Once you investigate key market interest and topics that are currently being queried within the consumer and corporate landscape, the questions and answers you choose to engage your target group with,  will help sales teams prioritise who to follow-up or pass them onto marketing for further nurturing.

Get Help from the Experts

At Impelus, we drive potential customers interested in your product or service to our custom landing pages via EDMs or social lead ads. We then determine a qualified lead as a potential customer who has shown intent to purchase by directly searching for OR completing and submitting a lead form.

This action demonstrates that this potential customer is interested in your product or service, has taken the time to fill out a form to request a quote, call back, download etc. and has had  their contact information verified (email and mobile). This lead is then passed onto your expert sales team to engage and convert to a sale.

This is a verified, potential new customer that has shown a strong intent to purchase, and from experience, after being contacted shortly after submitting their details, usually leads to a higher conversion/success rate.

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