mmapac sydney guest speakers
LR: Lin Zhao (Founder, Appnile / MODERATOR), Ankit Sheth (Performance Marketing Manager, whiteGREY), Neil Ranatunga (Strategic Partnership Director, Partnerize), Renee Psomadelis (Growth Marketer, Canva).


  • Leading US based Mobile Growth Marketing companies first Australian foray
  • 100+ Digital marketers from Google, Snap, Audible, Facebook and more in attendance
  • Featured presentations from local and international mobile growth marketing specialists and multiple panel discussions
  • Hosted by Impelus, APAC’s leading Performance Marketing company


Mobile Marketing APAC on of the first international ‘Mobile Growth’ event’s to be held in Australia, hosted by Impelus. The world’s leading mobile marketers presented on growth, optimisation and measurement strategies, and over 100 mobile and digital marketers were in attendance from companies such Audible, Qantas, Snap, Google, Facebook and local powerhouse Atlassian.

Attendees networked and learned how to leverage mobile growth channels such as ad networks, social media channels, and mobile web.

Key takeaways focused:

  • Driving scalable user acquisition strategies
  • Creating a frictionless user experience
  • Integration of machine learning to deliver the most relevant content
  • Championing a data driven approach to drive growth and accurate attribution

“This was an incredible chance for mobile marketers to come together and learn about mobile growth strategies from the best in the world” says David Burke, GM at Impelus

Anna Ji from Clipchamp gave an incredibly detailed presentation and took the users through a variety of growth models which outlined the approach and processes her team undertook to measure, optimise and achieve such scale.

Nicolette Pinto, M&C SAATCHI Performance took the audience through the most common fraud techniques, such as SDK spoofing where legitimate-looking installs occur without any real installs occurring!  Fraudsters utilize a real device without the device’s user actually installing an app with the most popular approach with proxy software. Nicolette also remarked on how the Australian industry has traditionally been very ‘brand led’ and that performance marketing in mobile is beginning to take hold.

“Up until now there haven’t been many opportunities or highly credible mobile specific events in Australia. This format has been very successful abroad, and it’s exciting to be able to bring this here and help form a stronger community around mobile growth”

There was a distinct lack of “marketing fluff” that is commonly preached at typical marketing events, as the core tenet of mobile growth is active user growth – not brand reach or audience segments.

“With mobile CPA’s becoming increasingly competitive and users demanding a frictionless, streamlined experience, having an actionable, strong mobile strategy is more important than ever, and events like this provide the much needed networking and growth opportunities for the industry. We hope to see more events on the calendar soon” says David.

The event was hosted at Impelus’ Head Office which overlooks the Sydney harbor and provides a spectacular backdrop to the day. Impelus are one the region’s top performance marketing companies providing apps and brands with user acquisition and lead generation services.

mmapac sydney guest speakers
LR: Elissa Hudson (Senior Marketing Manager, HubSpot, MODERATOR), Amber Gouzy (Senior Marketing Consultant), Sylvie Hall (Head of Marketing Communications, Squirrel Limited)

Daniel Rowlands,(Publisher Partner, Facebook)
Daniel Rowlands (Publisher Partner, Facebook)

mmapac sydney guest speakers
LR: David Burke, General Manager – APAC, Impelus (MODERATOR, not pictured), Joon Gyung (Josh) Jang (Regional Director Korea and Southeast Asia, Adjust), Anna Cheng (Spaceship AU), Kate Newcombe (Sales Manager, Snapchat)

mmapac sydney guest speakers
Irene Ongkowidjaja (Senior Product Manager, Atlassian)

mmapac sydney guest speakers
Irene Ongkowidjaja (Senior Product Manager, Atlassian)

mmapac sydney guest speakers
David Burke (General Manager, Impelus) kicking off the Event with a few words

mmapac sydney guest speakers
Over 100 people attended the event across the day which went from 2pm – 9pm

mmapac sydney guest speakers
Nicolette Pinto from M&C SAATCHI Performance

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